Our time

Last night Mr H came home from work and it’s almost like he’d read my previous post on his commute home because one of the first things he said was 

“Once a week we need to have a night to ourselves once Biscuit is in bed”

By a night to ourselves he doesn’t mean spending time together, he means we have some time away from each other. We both enjoy watching TV series and movies so we naturally spend every evening together. 

Just by saying those words when he came home from work I was immediately motivated to have a night apart. I didn’t use my alone time as productive as I would have liked but I did finish off the last half of a film I hadn’t had chance to watch in months. 

Now we have this alone time pencilled in each week I need to decide what to do with this time because watching TV or a film isn’t how I want to spend this time, that’s what I do most other nights with Mr H. Yes there are some shows I’d like to watch that Mr H doesn’t seem interested in but if I choose to do that I’ll feel like my time is wasted. 

I could pick up my many unfinished crochet projects. I could write in here. I could read. I could have a relaxing pamper night. I could start Pilates again. 

I choose Pilates! The minute I wrote it I knew that’s what I want to do. It only takes around 30 minutes so I could follow with some well deserved pampering time afterwards. 


one word


After stumbling across a blog the other day I fell in love with the idea of one word instead of choosing a new years resolution. I found it so easy to come up with my own word – Motivation – as this is something I can struggle with quite often. When it comes to my son I feel the motivation but when it comes to myself, there’s just nothing there. The minute I thought of my one word my mind was buzzing with all things I want to accomplish, not even this year, just this week. I admit yesterday I forgot about my one word but this afternoon it hit me again and everything on my list for the day is done and more! I’m even writing in here with no guilt that I should be doing something else. So already, I’m finding time for me.

The one word website has a page full of ideas to give inspiration for your one word. I liked a few but nothing felt as right as Motivation.

I can already feel the energy from just one word. To make sure I don’t stray and forget my one word I’ll be writing it in my filofax every few weeks as a gentle reminder.

I want motivation for; my family, my home, my health and for me.

I found listening to music from a time I felt motivated has really helped to lift my mood and help push me along my new journey.

Who am I?

I’m 32.
Married to Mr H for 2.5 years.
Mother to a six month old baby boy – Biscuit.

My interests include crochet, crafting, cooking, TV series and movies.
My life is a lot different since having a baby but I am gradually learning to find more time for me.

My reason for starting up a blog is to explore, write and share.
I want to discover a life of simplicity and positivity.

Better Late Than Never

Creating a blog has always been in the back of my mind as something I really wanted to do. There is always the doubt that nobody will read it, people will judge me or I will fail at keeping at it and so I have never started one. There is also the worry that I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t know how to make it look appealing.

But screw it, its a new year and all that jazz so I thought I’d give it ago.

I hope to better myself through writing.
To find happiness
To find positivity.
To discover simplicity.

I may not be the best photographer, have perfect grammar or make sense all of the time but still, I hope you enjoy my blog and stick around to find out more.